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History of Leading Edge


Mr. Hyde is recognized in the mid-South region as a leader in the development of telecommunications and wireless solutions for commercial and government business applications. Throughout his 20-year career in the industry, Mr. Hyde has led companies that establish long-term partnerships with their customers to provide leading edge communication technology tools for efficiency and profitability improvement.

In 1985 Mr. Hyde joined General Communications of Memphis, Tennessee, the first BellSouth cellular dealership in the region. Under Mr. Hyde's leadership, General Communications pioneered several technology innovations for the mid-South business community that boosted the company's reputation and financial performance. These innovations included the introduction of Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) analog communications technology, the building and rapid population of fifty 800-Mhz LTR trunk systems, and the introduction of 800-Mhz analog radio dispatch and telephone service.

In 1994, Chadmoore Wireless acquired General Communications and Mr. Hyde was appointed Vice President of Operations for the merged company. During the next three years Mr. Hyde continued building 800-Mhz business for Chadmoore boosting the company's financial performance and business base throughout the United States. Within two years Nextel acquired Chadmoore in a high value market transaction of $125 million. Choosing to pursue local mid-South interest, Mr. Hyde left Chadmoore and joined Memphis firm Comserv as Vice President and General Manager that within three years was also acquired by Nextel.

Continuing his history of bringing cutting-edge technologies to mid-South businesses, in 1997 Mr. Hyde founded Leading Edge Wireless. Leading Edge rapidly became an Ericsson and Motorola portable technology integrator and quickly grew business in the mid-South area using 125 450Mhz and 700Mhz licensed spectrum channels. One of Leading Edge's long-term customers is the Shelby County Sheriff's Department for which the company provided the first digital radio services for local Government in Memphis. Expanding into vertically integrated data systems, Leading Edge provides mobile data services and automated vehicle location systems to mid-South local governments. Continuing the business model of providing long-term customers with high technology solutions, Mr. Hyde's vision is to integrate leading edge, wireless data applications into his business base through application of Motorola's 2.4Ghz Canopy technology and systems.

Mr. Hyde attended the University of Memphis with a major in Business Management. In 1996, the City of Memphis appointed Mr. Hyde honorary City Councilman for his efforts in the development of new small businesses in the mid-South. Mr. Hyde attends First Baptist Church Fisherville and serves on the financial committee. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Hyde has been married for 27 years to the former Pamela Keith of Memphis, Tennessee. They now reside in Collierville, Tennessee.