Two-Way Radio Charging Station

Enhance the functionality and performance for your Motorola Proven Tough batteries with versatile charging solutions.

Motorola offers versatile charging solutions that ensure constant communication for your mobile workforce. Our state-of-the-art IMPRES technology provides a unique battery charging and reconditioning solution.

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SL7550 Micro-USB Single Unit Plug-In Charger
Model: PMPN4009A
Standard micro-USB rapid-rate plug-in charger for SL series radios. ...
Travel Charger
Model: RLN4883
This vehicular traveling charger ensures constant communication while on the road. Its ...
Vehicular Travelling Charger
Model: RLN4884
This vehicular traveling charger ensures constant communication while on the road. Its ...
Vehicular Charger
Model: RLN5233
This 12-volt DC rapid-rate charger is ideal for mobile customers. Capable of charging N...
Minitor V Standard Charger
Model: RLN5703C
This product is a Standard Minitor V Charger. ...
Travel Charger
Model: RLN6433
Its small compact design allows the radio to be used while rapid charging in the charge...
Amplifier Charger Kit
Model: RLN6506
This is an Amplifier charger kit. Charges battery packs while in pager, as well as...
BMSplus Adapter Plate
Model: RRDN5768A
This product is the Adapter Plates Only. ...
BOS II Adapter Plate, NiCd, Li-ion, NiMh
Model: RRDN5769A
This product is a BOS II Adapter Plate,NiCd, Li-ion, NiMh for CP150/200 radios. ...
Battery Maintenance System Plus
Model: WPLN4080_R
This product is a Battery Maintenance System Plus (BMS+) with 230 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz and...
Battery Optimizing System II
Model: WPLN4125_R
This product is a Battery Optimizing System II with 90-240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz and 4 Stat...
Desktop Rapid 90-Min. Charger (Base Only)
Model: WPLN4137BR
Rapid rate desktop charger will charge your battery within 2 hours. Lightweight and compac...
Desktop Charger
Model: WPLN4138
Quickly and conveniently charge your Motorola CP-series batteries in this compact deskt...
Rapid-Rate Charger
Model: WPLN4161AR
Rapid Rate Chargers will charge batteries within two hours. This multi-unit charger cha...
IMPRES Single Unit Charger
Model: WPLN4182
The IMPRES smart energy system in this single-unit charger ensures maximum talk-time an...