Two-Way Radio Charging Station

Enhance the functionality and performance for your Motorola Proven Tough batteries with versatile charging solutions.

Motorola offers versatile charging solutions that ensure constant communication for your mobile workforce. Our state-of-the-art IMPRES technology provides a unique battery charging and reconditioning solution.

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Micro-USB Rapid-Rate Plug-In Charger
Model: 25009298001
This is a Micro-USB rapid-rate plug-in charger for SL300 series radios, 5V/1A ...
Multi Unit Charger
Model: 53960
Allows drop-in charging for up to six radios and/or batteries from a single outlet in t...
1-Hour Rapid Charger
Model: 53969
Rapid-rate chargers will charge batteries within 3 hours. 10 hour battery chargers can&...
Single Unit Rapid-Rate Charger
Model: AAHTN3000
This 120-volt charger can rapidly charge batteries on or off the radio in one to three ...
Rapid-Rate Charger Transformer
Model: EPNN9288A
This is a 120 volt rapid-rate charger transformer (US) that plugs into the RLN6506 Ampl...
120 Volt 10-Hour Charger Adapter
Model: HTN8232
This product is a 120 Volt Replacement 10 Hour Charging Adapter with 60Hz. This product...
Battery Maintenance System Plus
Model: NDN4005
This product is a Battery Maintenance System (BMS). This BMS is a 110 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz...
IMPRES Battery Reader
Model: NNTN7392
The industry exclusive IMPRES Battery Reader provides IMPRES battery users the ability ...
IMPRES Vehicular Charger
Model: NNTN7616
Rapid-rate, single-unit charging system that allows users to charge batteries on the go...
IMPRES Compatible Vehicular Charger
Model: NNTN7618B
The charger has full IMPRES charger-to-battery communication capability to ensure conti...
Single Unit Charger
Model: NNTN8275
Rapid rate standard charger for non-IMPRES MOTOTRBO batteries. Note that if IMPRES batt...
Multi-Unit Charger
Model: NNTN8353
Basic multi-unit chargers allows for convenient and quick charging of up to six radios ...
Charging Inserts
Model: NNTN8460
This is a set of 6 inserts that are compatible with the PMLN6588 and PMLN6597 multi-uni...
Travel Charger
Model: NNTN8525
This compact travel charger allows the radio to be used while rapid charging in the cha...
Single Unit Rapid-Rate Charger
Model: NTN1668B
This tri-chemistry chargers support Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium-io...