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About Leading Edge

Leading Edge Wireless, LLC, ("Leading Edge"), is a Tennessee LLC. The company began operations in February 1997 by providing mobile data solutions and reselling Analogue Specialized Mobile Radio services. Today, Leading Edge is the largest licensed 450 MHz Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) carrier in Tennessee and has been ranked by Motorola as one of the nation's largest providers of Motorola's 450 MHz Radio Dispatch Systems.

Leading Edge continues to strive to meet our customers' needs with Wide Area Radio Dispatch Solutions. Since deploying our original 450 MHz systems in 2000 we have continued to expand them to over 50 channels at three sites covering southwest Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and northern Mississippi. Additional services such as portable radio, mobile data and vehicle location are available as well as our regular voice services.

In August of 2009 we were the first dealer to offer Motorola's Mototrbo Capacity Plus Digital Voice Radio Dispatch Systems at three sites that are clear and noise free on all channels. Digital trunking portable radio devices have never been used for commercial two-way radio dispatch systems before now. (Please check our Specials page for more information.) We also service a wide range of customers with onsite and in-house communications systems. We sell and service the full line of Motorola two-way portable radio equipment and accessories.

Contact us today for more information on our digital mobile, portable or other system communication solutions.